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This site has been developed to teach others unique techniques that have proven to be profitable at craft shows and marketing towards many types of businesses. The largest part of my dedication is to help others learn this craft, master these techniques and begin a life of endless creation. The projects I teach are very versatile and easy to learn. This site is great for the hobbyist or the serious crafter.


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Cabochons come in many shapes and are made from a variety of stones such as hematite, aventurine, and agate. Though there are many ways to wrap cabs with wire, I find this method works well for me. If you've never tried to wrap a cab before, I recommend that you start with a fairly large cab. The larger the cab, the easier it is to handle. Of course, the larger the cab, the more wire you’ll need. Here are the supplies and equipment you will need:
Your choice of size and type of cabochon
About 1-foot of 24-gauge half-round gold-filled wire
*22-gauge dead-soft square gold-filled wire or 20-gauge dead-soft square gold-filled wire
Wire pin vise
Masking tape
Polishing cloth
Wire cutters
Chain-nosed pliers
Round-nosed pliers
*Some people recommend using 20-gauge vs. 22-gauge square wire. However, 20-gauge is much stronger and harder. So, if you’ve got whimpy hands (like me) then try using 22-gauge.
**For clamps, you can also use those black binder clips available at office supply stores which are used for binding papers together. Just make sure you cover the inside of the binder clips with a soft cloth or something so you don't scratch up your wire.



From Wikipedia:

Wire sculpture refers to the creation of sculpture or jewelry (sometimes called wire wrap jewelry) out of wire. The medium was experimented with by Alexander Calder.
Because the needed tools are simple, wire sculpture can be learned and performed in home studios by hobby artists.
Some of the tools used include pliers, pin vises, file, wire cutters, and mandrels.
The wire used may be of a variety of decorative metals in different cross-sections. Wire sculpture jewelry may have beads or gemstones integrated into the design.

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